Thursday, December 20, 2007

they crack me up

Here are some updated pictures of my girls:

My Casi girl.
Here is what I get when I go out and shake the grain bucket.. "CHARGE!!!"

My Casi girl trying to figure out what kind of treat I had..

My Stormy Girl.. "munch munch munch"

"could you stop.. I am trying to eat!"

"FINE!! How's this?!?"

"FORGET IT!! You're NOT getting the hint!"

"look at me.. I am so pretty"

"you know mom.. your little habbit is starting to worry me!"

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Aloha Fridays... Week One

I thought this was kind of a cool idea.. and since I love Hawaii and I LOVE Kailani.. I have to show her love by participating! So here goes...

What is the best thing someone can put in your stocking this year?

Remember to go back to Kailani's and post your comment to her question as well!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

She's Been Home... Oops!

Well Quiet Storm AKA QS has been home for 4 days now and I have yet to update you guys. I apologise! Things have been so gosh darn busy around here. We brought her home on Sunday she did GREAT on the 9 hour drive home. It should only have been a good 6 hours but the weather was NASTY! We left Bellingham, WA around 11:30 or so in the morning and there was a good 6 inches (or more) of snow on the ground and it was still coming down HARD. So we high tailed it out of there (figure of speech.. we we're in snow so we were at a snails pace). Then it finally stopped once we got out of Bellingham. It rained the rest of the way home but visability wasn't the greatest because of it, but we made it home safely, nonetheless.

QS is the most precious little girl EVER!!! She's a little bit smaller than I was expecting but it's so much better! She'll be just the right height for my short little legs. She's settled in to her new home quite well! She has made a 'momma' friend out of her sister Casi, as you can tell.. Casi is guarding her:

She's also made a wonderful little buddy, by the name of Roxy:

She'll even share her food with you, want some?

She's a sweet little girl. We're going to head back out today (we meaning Sheri and I) and we're going to take more pics while we're out. Make sure you come back for those! In the meantime... here are more pics to hold you over:

(Me... just being funny!)

(Coming to greet me)

Casi's broodie belly. (Mares are called Broodmares when they're used for breeding.. it's pronounced brood, as in it rhymes with rude. She's not bred now.. but she has this HUGE belly from being bred so much.. it never goes down.)

(Farm cat)

(Roxy's Ear)

(Casi and QS sharing their lunch!)

(QS LOVES the camera!)

(snatching a quick shot of Roxy through the fence)

(Roo's loves the camera too.. she wants to eat it!)

(Quiet Storm half asleep)

(QS.. showing her pretty little face)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Spurs.. Spurs.. and More Spurs!!

Holy Crap! I can't believe how many different kinds of spurs there are! I am going to be getting a pair tomorrow because of the fact... our new little one (that we're bringing home this weekend!!) Quiet Storm.. seems to think she's related to a tree stump. She's likes to plant her feet and grow roots when you try to get her going (when you ride her). So in order to get her to move.. you give her a small nudge with the spurs.. to let her know.. GET GOING! Here's some pictures of all the different kinds of spurs. The ones that I am getting, however, are hard to find a picture of.. so here you go:

Mine kind of look like the top one.. well the second photo in this posts.. EXCEPT they have smaller numbs.. almost no nubs at all. So there you have it.. I'll be sure to take a picture of my first set of spurs! PS: I AM SO EXCITED! 3 MORE DAYS!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Six More Days

Six more days till I get to see my new little girl! I can't wait to meet her. Here are a few cool things that I did with her picture that Tracey took. Here she is:

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a GREAT one! We did! Since we just moved only 6 days prior.. we wouldn't be in any shape to have anyone over at our house, so we decided to have a quiet night at home.. alone. We didn't want the hassle of drive at least 8 hours to get to our familie's houses or have the hassle of having a bunch of people in a partially decorated/furnished house. It was much easier to just sit at home and cook a nice turkey dinner for two and not have to worry about who likes what and who doesn't. It was very nice.

We has the traditional turkey, a homemade celery and onion stuffing, some gravy, baked sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar, cranberry sauce, fruit cocktail, rolls, etc.

What did you do for Thanksgiving?

Here are a few things that I am thankful for:

1. I am thankful for Sarah. For taking such great care of my horsey when I can't be out there everyday, twice a day to feed her. Thank you for loving her so much.

2. I am thankful for the best husband in the world. Who lets me sleep in on Thanksgiving.. who lets me get another horse and doesn't mind that he didn't get to pick it out. For taking the dogs outside when it's OH so cold!

3. I am thankful for the best animals in the world. A cat who loves his people. No matter what we do to this kitty (I've forgotten to feed him once.. okay maybe twice.. but they weren't in a row.. :( ) He still loves us and comes running whenever we call. He'll even lick your nose/chin if pick him up and hold him like a baby. Two dogs who are the best little things in the world. They don't bark, thank goodness, they don't run away, and they love to snuggle. What more could you ask for? For all of our fish who have lasted through two VERY LONG moves and didn't die on us, we love you little, okay wait, big guys. For my horse.. for being such a great little girl, even though she has her moments, and being such a wonderful little trooper through our move.

4. For our landlords... for being so helpful with our move in and answering all our phone calls and questions. For also giving us such a great little welcome home basket!

We're thankful for so many things. Each and every moment that we have here with our family and friends and animals.

What are you thankful for?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Far Too Long

I've been gone for far too long, but once again I have to say good bye for a while. We're currently moving down to a gorgeous house in Cottage Grove, OR. (With some AWESOME landlords, I might add - Hello Sara, if you're reading!!) We have to move by this Thursday, so I must shut down my computer to pack. I hope you are all okay with my absence as things have been so hectic around here. They should settle back down again soon. Until then..

I wish you all the best and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! (if I don't get back on before then!)

Love you all,
Stephanie Mackey

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Back From Eugene


I'm BACK!!!

Yeah, you thought you could get rid of me, muah ha ha.

Well our trip was GREAT, with a capital G!! We left around 9:00 am on Friday. Then had about a 3 hour drive to Portland, OR. We had to stop at Macy's because Hubz had a supprise for me!! We went up to Macy's and here is who I got to meet:

OMGosh, he is cuter in person! If you're not sure who he is.. he's THE Tyler Florence from The Food Network!!! I am a HUGE foodie and I LOVE the food network, so it was a blast!!! He was sooooo sweet! I waited to see him for about 35min, then got to. He was so funny, and VERY affectionate!! LOL! I asked him if I could get a picture and he was like, "OF COURSE!!!", and then he grabbed ahold of me... My husband was taking the picture but I was like.. I DON'T CARE... THIS IS TYLER FLORENCE.. he he. So it was great!!! He was super sweet and nice! I also got two of his cookbooks, signed and with little notes written to me on the inside.. it was so fun!

Then we continued no our trip down there. We got stuck in traffic SO MUCH. I swear the traffic was following us. It was rediculous. But we made it and had an AWESOME meeting with a friend of mine, Sheri. Her family is so cute. We had dinner at Applebee's and then we chatted for a while. She's so much fun. Her husband and mine get along SOOO well. They'll be great friends.

Then Saturday we had to meet with Jeff's boss. They talked about business for a while, then we all went to lunch, then they talked more business. Then after a while jeff's boss said.. "so.. what do you think so far?" (remember they're trying to get us to move down to Eugene so Jeff can run that office) Jeff said, "well I love good opportunities and love challenges and I think that this is both!!" So his boss goes, "so can I take that as a yes or no?" LOL!!! Jeff goes, "Yes, I'd like to try it out!!"So we're moving to Eugene!!!

Then we talked about when they want us down there.. and HOLY CRAP!!!! They want us down there by the 15th of next month.. that is in 18 DAYS!!! OH my gosh. We're going to be so busy. If you don't see me on very much, that's why!So we had a great trip.. meeting everyone and having a great time seeing the sights.

These next 18 days are going to go SOOO quick!

Updated To Add:

My friend and I are thinking of starting a business that makes bows for little girls and dogs.. sounds cheesy but you'd have to see the bows.. well we're looking for a name that would incompase dog and little girl bows... if you have any ideas please email them to me at:

Thanks so much,

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How Things Have Changed

Boy have things changed around here. I haven't been on in what seems like forever.. okay maybe it has been forever. I appologise for that. It sucks. We've had some good news and some bad news. Some fun times and some bad times. Here's some things that have happened in the past couple weeks:

1. We had a horse pass away. He had a huge accident. It's hard to talk about so I won't say much about it. We miss him a LOT!

2. Jeff got a huge job promotion that wants to move us to Eugene, OR. We're going down this weekend to check it out. It should be fun, I can't wait to see how it goes. We're also looking at a house down there this weekend. Hopefully it all works out.

3. We rescued a new little puppy. He's a purebred male brindle chihuahua. He's about a year old and he's a super cute little guy. He was sick when we got him but he's all better now. He's a super cute bundle of joy.

We'll be going to be out of town this Friday and Saturday.. (tomorrow and the next day). We'll be down in Eugene, scoping things out. I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will talk to you all later.


Monday, September 17, 2007

We've Been Busy

I know that's no excuse to blog but oh my gosh have we been busy. We ended up NOT getting Clifford. It was sad but we ended up getting a friend's horse instead. We took my friend Lindee's horse Jing Jing whom we re-named JaeJae (pronounced Jay Jay) and he's the 'wife/girlfriend' of my girl Cassie (whom we baught from the same people), she has been re-named CasiLyn (pronounced Cassie Len) Anyways.. Here are a few pictures to hold you over while I figure out a 'real' post to write: CasiLyn is an 18 year old Chestnut/Sorrel Arabian Mare and JaeJae is a 13 year old Bay Arabian Gelding.

Me riding my CasiLyn.

Me riding my CasiLyn, again.

Me getting finished longeing Casi.

This is my husband, J, and his horse, JaeJae.

Also, I'm not sure if I announced it yet but we have a puppy in the making!!! We have put a deposit down on a West German Shepherd and she/he is due to arrive on October 8-10th, 2007. We're super excited!! Anyway, I hope you're all doing well and I will see you all later!

As Always,


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Meeting My Clifford

We're currently looking for a horse for Jeff. This is the one we found:

He's 7 years old and he's a percheron gelding. He's 16.3 hands high. For those of you who know horses, know that 1 hand = 4 inches. So he is 5 feet 7 inches at his withers. Needless to say, he's HUGE! I'm only 5 feet 2 inches. That means that his back is 5 inches over my head. I'm glad that Jeff is riding him. From what we've learned of him, he is a TOTAL sweetheart. He's like a big puppy dog and is deffinitely a lover! He wants nothing more than to do what is asked of him and to please you, which I am totally in love with. I can't wait to meet him. By the way, we get to meet him tomorrow!!! I am so excited! So I will probably be back with more pictures later.. See you then!


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Two Things

Here's a MeMe that I received from Sheri, I hope you enjoy it!

Two Names You Go By:
1. Jeff calls me 'Honey'
2. Most people call me 'Steph'

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1. Blue blouse
2. Khaki shorts

Two Things You Would Want (or have) in aRelationship:
1. Loyalty
2. Trust

Two of Your Favorite Things to do:
1. Traveling with my husband
2. Taking care of our horses

Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:
1. A House!!!
2. A Truck and a Horse trailer (yes they go together!)

Two things you did last night:
1. We went house hunting!
2. We went saddle shopping!

Two things you ate today:
1. A grilled CTP Sandwich! (CTP - Cheddar Turkey Provalone)
2. Cheetos

Two people you Last Talked To:
1. Jeffrey
2. My mom (i think)

Two Things you're doing tomorrow:
1. Load up all of our tack
2. and go out and see the horses

Two longest car rides:
1. Wenatchee, Washington to Yuma, Arizona (26hrs straight..)
2. Ephrata, Washington to Tracy, California (16hrs straight..)

Two Favorite Holidays:
1. Christmas
2. Thanksgiving (i love to cook...... and eat!! HA!!)

Two Favorite Drinks:
1. Seven Up
2. Root Beer

Two Things about Me! Things you may not have known:
1. My real name is Stephanie Nicole and my uncle dubbed me 'Stuffy Nickel'. Shhh don't tell anyone. Maybe I should name my blog that.. or step-on-me, that's what my brother always called me.
2. I am Lactose Intolerent.

Two jobs I have had in my life:
1. Baby sitter
2. Waitress

Movies I would watch over and over:
1. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (the new one)
2. Charlotte's Web (the new one)

Places I have lived:
1. Washington
2. Arizona
(I could list a whole lot more like; California, Oregon, Kentucky, Ohio, etc. Plus I've lived in MANY MANY towns in all those states!)

Favorite Foods:
1. Salmon
2. Steak

Two places I'd rather be right now:
1. Horseback riding with my husband and friends (Derik and Lindee)
2. Shopping!!!

Two people who I think will respond: (or that I can tag and force to respond.. he he he)
1. Chelle
2. Kailani

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This Coming Saturday [UPDATE]

I just happen to be excited about this coming Saturday! (and today but we'll talk about that later.)

Ever since we found out we were getting horses, we've been looking around for all the horse tack we need. Yesterday, I found an awesome offer on craigslist. This is what the ad said: (edit of course)

I have two brand new saddles, the black one is a kids saddle
and has never touched the back of a horse yet, I am asking $150. The 2nd is

an adult saddle that was custom made a beautiful tan color, It has never
seen a horse also. Please call 946-6461 if you have any questions.

When we set up an appointment with the owner last night we weren't sure of what we were getting, just because you never really know with online ads that don't have pictures. Boy, were we surprised!!!! The saddle is COMPLETELY brand new!!! I mean, I realized that she said that it was new, but I was guessing it was all old and cracked from sitting in a storage somewhere, but NOPE! It was completely fresh and new. This saddle would have originally cost anywhere between $1,500 and $2,000. Want to know what we got it for?!?


Yes, you read that right, $300. I will take a picture of it later and post it so you guys can see how good it looks.

Tonight we're supposed to go look at a saddle for me, although, it's not as nice. It has been used many times, to the point where it needs new threading on the horn. They want $150 for it so hopefully it looks somewhat nice.

We're trying to get our saddles and tack ready because we're going for our first ride this Saturday. We're so excited!! I can't wait to go out and take them for a ride. We'll let you know how it goes.

What are you up to this weekend?!


Here's the picture of the saddle:

Monday, August 27, 2007

Made By: Me!!

I just wanted to let you all know that I do create my skins (aka backgrounds or themes) myself. If any of you would like me to create one for you please email me at:

jeffandstephaniemackey [at] gmail [dot] com

I will do it for free, for now, and I'll need to collect some information from you. (ex: if you have a background image in mind or if you want me to find one or create one for you, colors you had in mind, if you want 1,2 or 3 columns, etc.)

Just let me know!


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Welcome To Our Family!!

I would like to take a moment to welcome the newest members of our family, as well as extend a warm wish to a member of our family that we're waiting for.

I present to you... Cassie. She's an 18 year old Arabian mare. Beautiful, isn't she? She's our fattie momma! Here she is:

I'd also like to present to you, Lissa Lou. We call her Lissa. She's a 13 year old Arabian mare. She's also Cassie's daughter. She's our baby girl.

Oh and we're waiting for a special addition to our family. S/he should be born on or around October 8-10. Which means we should be able to pick her/him up around the beginning of December. Anyone want to guess what s/he is?