Thursday, December 6, 2007

She's Been Home... Oops!

Well Quiet Storm AKA QS has been home for 4 days now and I have yet to update you guys. I apologise! Things have been so gosh darn busy around here. We brought her home on Sunday she did GREAT on the 9 hour drive home. It should only have been a good 6 hours but the weather was NASTY! We left Bellingham, WA around 11:30 or so in the morning and there was a good 6 inches (or more) of snow on the ground and it was still coming down HARD. So we high tailed it out of there (figure of speech.. we we're in snow so we were at a snails pace). Then it finally stopped once we got out of Bellingham. It rained the rest of the way home but visability wasn't the greatest because of it, but we made it home safely, nonetheless.

QS is the most precious little girl EVER!!! She's a little bit smaller than I was expecting but it's so much better! She'll be just the right height for my short little legs. She's settled in to her new home quite well! She has made a 'momma' friend out of her sister Casi, as you can tell.. Casi is guarding her:

She's also made a wonderful little buddy, by the name of Roxy:

She'll even share her food with you, want some?

She's a sweet little girl. We're going to head back out today (we meaning Sheri and I) and we're going to take more pics while we're out. Make sure you come back for those! In the meantime... here are more pics to hold you over:

(Me... just being funny!)

(Coming to greet me)

Casi's broodie belly. (Mares are called Broodmares when they're used for breeding.. it's pronounced brood, as in it rhymes with rude. She's not bred now.. but she has this HUGE belly from being bred so much.. it never goes down.)

(Farm cat)

(Roxy's Ear)

(Casi and QS sharing their lunch!)

(QS LOVES the camera!)

(snatching a quick shot of Roxy through the fence)

(Roo's loves the camera too.. she wants to eat it!)

(Quiet Storm half asleep)

(QS.. showing her pretty little face)


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! :)

Tracey said...

Hey, Steph, it dawned on me that you haven't been to the Mustang Diaries! Quiet Storm has fans there, you know. They've said they want to know how she's doing, so you'd better keep up with the postings here cuz I'm going to be giving them a link =)

Deb said...

Glad you got a mustang. As my family always said, "...they are the true spirit of the West. There need to be more people adopting