Sunday, October 28, 2007

Back From Eugene


I'm BACK!!!

Yeah, you thought you could get rid of me, muah ha ha.

Well our trip was GREAT, with a capital G!! We left around 9:00 am on Friday. Then had about a 3 hour drive to Portland, OR. We had to stop at Macy's because Hubz had a supprise for me!! We went up to Macy's and here is who I got to meet:

OMGosh, he is cuter in person! If you're not sure who he is.. he's THE Tyler Florence from The Food Network!!! I am a HUGE foodie and I LOVE the food network, so it was a blast!!! He was sooooo sweet! I waited to see him for about 35min, then got to. He was so funny, and VERY affectionate!! LOL! I asked him if I could get a picture and he was like, "OF COURSE!!!", and then he grabbed ahold of me... My husband was taking the picture but I was like.. I DON'T CARE... THIS IS TYLER FLORENCE.. he he. So it was great!!! He was super sweet and nice! I also got two of his cookbooks, signed and with little notes written to me on the inside.. it was so fun!

Then we continued no our trip down there. We got stuck in traffic SO MUCH. I swear the traffic was following us. It was rediculous. But we made it and had an AWESOME meeting with a friend of mine, Sheri. Her family is so cute. We had dinner at Applebee's and then we chatted for a while. She's so much fun. Her husband and mine get along SOOO well. They'll be great friends.

Then Saturday we had to meet with Jeff's boss. They talked about business for a while, then we all went to lunch, then they talked more business. Then after a while jeff's boss said.. "so.. what do you think so far?" (remember they're trying to get us to move down to Eugene so Jeff can run that office) Jeff said, "well I love good opportunities and love challenges and I think that this is both!!" So his boss goes, "so can I take that as a yes or no?" LOL!!! Jeff goes, "Yes, I'd like to try it out!!"So we're moving to Eugene!!!

Then we talked about when they want us down there.. and HOLY CRAP!!!! They want us down there by the 15th of next month.. that is in 18 DAYS!!! OH my gosh. We're going to be so busy. If you don't see me on very much, that's why!So we had a great trip.. meeting everyone and having a great time seeing the sights.

These next 18 days are going to go SOOO quick!

Updated To Add:

My friend and I are thinking of starting a business that makes bows for little girls and dogs.. sounds cheesy but you'd have to see the bows.. well we're looking for a name that would incompase dog and little girl bows... if you have any ideas please email them to me at:

Thanks so much,


Busy Momma said...

Congrats on hubby's job, that's so great!! Not much time for planning! Hope it all goes well.
I'm so sorry about your horse, much love to you.
The puppy is gorgeous! I love chihuahua's so I'm very jealous.
Make sure you let us know when you're settled.

Anonymous said...

Yay! You have to be sure to stop by and see me on your way through - we can even feed you some dinner. :) If you don't mind putting up with four crazy kids. :) I'm excited for you guys. Drop me an email and maybe we can arrange something.

p.s. Not that I am familiar with the area, but what Ward will you be in down there? I bet you could get the Elder's quorum to help with the move... (Both on the Washington end and on the Eugene end)

kailani said...

Can't think of a creative name but let me know when it's up. I'd love to take a look at it. Good luck!