Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How Things Have Changed

Boy have things changed around here. I haven't been on in what seems like forever.. okay maybe it has been forever. I appologise for that. It sucks. We've had some good news and some bad news. Some fun times and some bad times. Here's some things that have happened in the past couple weeks:

1. We had a horse pass away. He had a huge accident. It's hard to talk about so I won't say much about it. We miss him a LOT!

2. Jeff got a huge job promotion that wants to move us to Eugene, OR. We're going down this weekend to check it out. It should be fun, I can't wait to see how it goes. We're also looking at a house down there this weekend. Hopefully it all works out.

3. We rescued a new little puppy. He's a purebred male brindle chihuahua. He's about a year old and he's a super cute little guy. He was sick when we got him but he's all better now. He's a super cute bundle of joy.

We'll be going to be out of town this Friday and Saturday.. (tomorrow and the next day). We'll be down in Eugene, scoping things out. I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will talk to you all later.



O Mama Mia said...

I'VE MISSED YOU!!! I've been praying that you were okay!
I'm so sorry about your horse! But jealous about your sweet Chihuahua. So jealous.
I have a cousin near Eugene. She loves it there!

chelle said...

oh my. So sorry about your horse!

The dog is gorgeous!

Nice to get an update from you, good luck this weekend.