Monday, May 21, 2007

Wish Us Luck

We're headed back over to Seattle (Pacific Northwest Infertility Clinic, to be exact) to have a vaginal ultrasound done at 2:15pm. They are doing the ultrasound to see if I still have the cyst on my right ovary. Rememer, last cycle was cancelled due to the cyst? Well we go back tomorrow to see if it is gone yet, and to see if we can start yet, another cycle.

Wish us luck as we are wishing that the cyst, indeed, has gone down so we can proceed with another cycle and hopefully get pregnant this month. We don't know how things are going to go so wish us luck.

I need to go though because I need to call my husband and let him know that he needs to cancel his ear, nose and throat appointment because we have to head to Seattle. I hope you all have a HAPPY MONDAY and a great rest of the week.

God Bless and take care!


Kris said...

Good luck!

Much More Than A Mom said...

Good luck - I really hope it's gone!

Michelle said...

good luck! praying the cyst is gone!

chelle said...

Ooo sending positive vibes!