Thursday, May 17, 2007

Linky Love & Odd Stuff

I have done this in a while so I think that it may be time for some linky love. By the way, you'll have to continue reading for the 'odd stuff'.

I was browsing around some blogs last night, on this site, and I found some pretty cool people, and you know how much I LOVE my bloggie buddies. So here we go, here are my new lovies that I found last night... you MUST check them out. Get your head out of the gutter, I meant go visit them. PERVERT!

You simply MUST.. I said MUST, go check out the SUPER cute story that Amy posted on A Berry Good Life. I thought I was going to pee my pants. Yes, go check it out now. Don't worry, I don't mind that you're leaving me to go read someone else's blog. I know you'll come back to finish reading my story. Go... go now. I'll wait.


It was good wasn't it. Anyways, now that you're finished, let's continue.

I was dying when I ready this story over at A Daily Dose Of Zen Sarcasm. It is definitely a Must... reader? I was going to say must have but you can't have it, it's hers. Anyways, go read it.


This story over at Adventures In Baby Fat, was tooo adorable! I can see myself there with my kids one day. I think every mother goes through it. Don't you just love how your children can break your heart one second and mend it back together in the very next second? Oh the sweetness of motherhood.


Most of you know her and I feel like i've known her for years. Her name is Stephanie, her husbands name is Jeff, she is a capricorn, she is a stay at home wife (and mom), doesn't it seem like I'm talking about myself? I'm not. My name is Stephanie. I am married to Jeff. I am a Capricorn. I am a stay at home wife. But I am NOT talking abotu myself. I am talking about Stephanie over at Adventures In Babywearing. I love her, go check her out, she's awesome and she has a GREAT taste in shoes. Her kids even have GREAT shoes. Watch, the only difference between us... I will have 3 girls, LOL!


When I read this story.. I was in awe. I can only hope for my kids to act like this when I have them. Lissa is the mother to two 3 year old twin boys. They are super cute and hey, they're polite. What can get better than that. Go check her out at Adventures Of A Twin Mommy.


This is a thing to see. Notice what it is? Yeah I thought it was kind of strange too. Pretty awesome. Her name is Michelle and she is a mommy (outloud) to her beautiful daughter Autumn, who is too precious. You have to check her out at Mama Out Loud.


Yes, I'm almost done, Geeze, stop yelling at me!


Teresa's Scrapbox is another one to check out. She tells tales of motherhood that would make most blush, I love it. She is totally real. If you don't believe me, check out this story.


I told you!

Now on with the 'Odd Stuff'.

I was looking at my 'blog stats' and I noticed something. Someone has found my site by googling:

How many eggs does a walrus lay?

WTHeck?!? What is wrong with you people. Wait. What is wrong with google for directing you to my site. I'm going to have to have a talk with them google people. Geeze, and hello, Walrus' don't lay eggs. IDIOT! Ughh.

Do they have a stupid people blocker? I need one. Once they type in something stupid their computer should shut off.

I hope you enjoyed my new blogging lovies. I love you all and I will see you all later.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Hilarious! Your b-day isn't Jan 8 is it???

Be sure to enter my really awesome giveaway going on from Mason & Matisse- you could win $120 in Skip Hop gear!


chelle said...

Wow that is a lot of reading! I will have to check out a few places :) Thanks for sharing! (I got your email just been a really busy week ... sorry I will reply I promise!)

Michelle said...

thanks for all the links of great posts to read! I'll have to check them out tomorrow!