Friday, May 4, 2007

Question Of The Day

Every night.. now matter what time it is or how tired the other one is, my husband and I always go to bed together. Usually he is the tired one and I am the wide awake one but there are occasions when I am the one falling asleep and he is the one up watching television in bed, but it never fails. We always go to bed together. Even if one of us is away on business or with friends, we will still call each other when it is time for bed and get ready for bed together. Sounds cute, huh? Anyways, that leads me to my question of the day.

Do you and your husband go to bed together or do you go to bed separately?


Much More Than A Mom said...

We go to bed together, unless one of us is sick and goes at 6 pm or something.

Busy Momma said...

I think it's great that you guys go to bed at the same time.

We usually go seperately. he likes to stay up and have game time, and someone usually has to go to bed with cooper to get him to sleep.
But, we don't even get to sleep in the same bed becuz of Cooper so it doesn't really matter-sux tho.

Stephanie said...

Nicole, yeah that is usually how it happens around here too.

Mandy, Thanks, we think it's great too. What's going on with Cooper? Is he not wanting to sleep by himself yet? I hope you are able to get all that situated so you can get your hubby back.

chelle said...

We go to brd together ... even with the baby :)

btw ... Thank You so much for the card!!!! Totally made my day!!

Leah said...

We always go to bed together. Occasionally I am a little later but not to much. Thanks for the card, what a lovely gesture.

Stephanie said...

Chelle, that's great!!! You are soo welcome!

Leah, yeah that is usually how it happens around here too. One of us is always a few minutes before the other one, but we do go together. Our motto is: The last one in bed has to close down the house for the night, LOL!

Michelle said...

sometimes we go to bed together, but it doesn't always happen that way. Sometimes I'm still reading/commenting on blogs or email and he's ready for bed, but I join him shortly afterwards. Or on the weekends he's up late playing a game on his laptop and I can't stay up that late so I go to bed first :)