Friday, August 24, 2007

It's Been Fun

Yesterday evening I spent my time with my new horses. Boy was it entertaining!! They know who we are so they will meet us at the fence when we pull up. The first time I saw them was when they we're being unloaded off the trailer in their new, but temporary, home. They were NOT happy. There are four all together (2 are mine and 2 are my friends, who we bought them from). One of them is terrified of passing trucks so she is supposed to be loaded onto the right hand side of the horse trailer so semi's don't pass on her side. Another has never been loaded and not to mention it.. it was dark outside so they were NOT happy. Luckily enough everything went off without a hitch and no one got hurt unloading them.

The second time I saw them was just checking on them out in the pasture to see how they were doing and such.. keep in mind this all happened one day after the other. When we went back last night our intentions were to work the horses a bit. Get them out and walking so that they can burn off some energy.

At first we brought out Jing Jing and Jiffy (my friends horses) and I took Jing. At first he wanted to spin circles around me.. but kept cutting em short and running me over, and he was doing it on purpose, LOL. But he was just excited. Derek was trotting Jiffy in a circle (lunging) and he was jealous, so he was trying his best to run in a circle, being on a lead rope. Then it was Jings turn to lunge. He did great. Derek wanted to walk him since they haven't been exercised in a while but Jing was ready to go.. he was just trotting and trotting and wouldn't slow, so we just let him get all his energy out.

Then it was Cassie and Lissa's turn (my horses). Cassie is so fat!! She is so funny too. Instead of exercising she would run around the circle once, then stop and eat a few bites, then run another circle, then stop and eat a few more bites, she's too funny. Now of course if we were really exercising her for the purpuse then of course we wouldn't be letting her stop to eat. But it was just comical to watch. Then Lissa wanted to run in her circle, except she was being a turd because she was running around me and since I was talking I was passing the lead rope behind my back while facing forward. Well Lissa figured it out and started cutting her circles short behind me, he he, little turkey.

We're intent on going out there everyday to get them exercised and stuff so we can start riding them again. I can't wait. They are too comical.

What have you done today?

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Deb said...

Glad you have your horses! Aren't they a blast? I have an old Quarter Horse Stallion that rules a small band of mares and foals. He's such an attention hog--once groom hi, he keeps following you, begging for more attention. He was born on the place, and he'll die there too.