Thursday, July 26, 2007

oh my goodness...

Why am I so retarded some times?!? Deb, I think I am picking up your bad luck, LOL! Anyway, I baught a guitar from one of those TV commercials, I won't mention what one, because I really don't want them to loose business, okay wait, they suck and I don't want anyone else to fall prey to it so it's..... The Esteban Guitar (AKA the american legacy guitar) THEY SUCK!

My husband knows how to play guitar and piano and violin and any other stringed instrument that you could possibly think of, it's rediculous. Well he had a NICE guitar when I met him and my poor little kitty ran around the corner and knocked it over and the neck snapped in half. So we both saw the commercial and thought, "hey!! lets order one and see if it's as good as they say it is". It's crap!! I mean CRAP! The strings are rusty and the guitar next isn't even connected right so you can't even play it because the strings hit the frets so it doesn't even work. My husband adjusted the neck as much as possible and nothings working. So we're sending it back, right? Well I called customer service and they sent me a label so I didn't have to pay for sending it back... they also asked me to include a brief explination of the problem.. and did I? Nope! I sent it out yesterday and I didn't include the stupid letter. They're going to get it and be like.... what are we supposed to do with it, LOL.

Ughhh. So now I've been on hold for Customer Service for over 30 minutes and I'm hoping that they will let me send the letter seperate. Gosh I am a dork.

Do you have any funny stories about forgetting something?!?


Deb said...

Hehe. You are having a run of bad luck. Keep after those customer service creeps!

Anonymous said...

That is terrible! I agree with Deb - knock 'em flat. and I hope you have better luck :)

Busy Momma said...

What a crappy situation! We're going thru the same with our tv. We ordered it off of tv so we could go on a payment plan cuz we couldn't afford to pay all the money up front, and it broke about 3 months after we got it-then it took almost 2 months to deal with the stupid company and get a new one!! And now the new one we've had for about 3 months (sensing a pattern here?!) is having problems too!!
Make sure you get your money back!