Monday, April 30, 2007

Updating My 110 List

1. I share a middle name with many others.
2. I have been TTC sense July 2005. (STILL!!)
3. I married J on July 9th, 2005.
4. I am a Mommy to 4 Fur-Babies, & 6 Scale-Babies
5. I had a male cat named Cornbread Calix, (calix means handsome), whom I adopted out.
6. I have a female dog named Sagira Isis, (it means Little Supreme Goddess) She is 3/4 Tea Cup Pomeranian and 1/4 Chihuahua.
7. I had a male dog named Raja Bubba, (Raja means hope) and he is Huskey, Lab & Chow.
8. I had a female dog named Takoda Trinity, (means Holy Three who is friendly to all…three dogs, get it?) She is Great Pyrenese & Golden Lab.
9. I had a female parrotlet named Tiki Peta, (means small) She is a mini parrot.
10. I also have 2 Blood Parrot Chichlids, who are a bright red/orange. There names are Peter & Polly.
11. I had 2 brown Plicaustamous (sp?). Ones name is Leo, for Leopard Shark, because he looks just like one, the other one is Larry, because Leo and Larry go well.
12. I have a HUGE red bellied Paku. He is about 12-14 inches long. He is FAT too!
13. I had two chinese sucker fish, they don't have names yet.. I know I suck.
14. I turn 21 on January 12, 2008.
15. J is 10,091 days older than me!
16. I want to open a specialty pet supply store.
17. Our animals are a HUGE part of our family.
18. I had 11 animals at one time when I was young!
19. I almost had a cow at one point.
20. I had a horse when I was young, his name was Dixie.
21. I grew up in a 1 parent household.
22. I haven’t seen or spoke to my real father sense I was about 6.
23. I only have one sibling, his name is BB (aka big brother).
24. I am the shortest one in my family.
25. I am 5 foot 2 inches.
26. My mom is the next shortest at 5 foot 7 inches.
27. My brother is a bit over 6 foot.
28. I have 2 SIL’s. One named M and one named D.
29. I haven’t spoken to my extended family in a LONG time.
30. I was born on a Monday @ 7:31pm.
31. I used to live in a VERY small town.
32. I was born in a town close to where I live.
33. I moved to Arizona when I was approx 7, or so.
34. We own a home.
35. Our home is a 3 bedroom.
36. We also rent an apartment.
37. We used to spend our weekends cleaning & Landscaping our yard.
38. We now spend our weekends shopping.
39. I am a stay at home housewife.
40. My husband sells medicare supplements to seniors.
41. My husband is a field sales manager.
42. I was married on the Ocean beach of Washington State.
43. I had approx. 2 weeks to plan my wedding.
44. I still have ALL natural hair….(not dyed, I mean.)
45. J dyes his hair, he has a few grey hairs.
46. I love to go to the gym.
47. I love to play sports with my friends and family.
48. I love to listen to music.
49. I love to spend my time outdoors with my pets and husband.
50. I love the water.
51. We love camping.
52. We love traveling.
53. We have a tradition to go picnicing on the 4th of July.
54. I get side tracked REALLY easily.
55. I get bored easily, as well.
56. I can play on my computer ALL day.
57. I still hate to clean, but love to organize.
58. I love children and can’t wait to have my own.
59. I've been doing infertility treatments since January 2007.
60. I love to sing and do it often.
61. My first job was being a waitress.
62. My husband used to be a cop.
63. My husband has 2 kids.
64. My husband has been married 3 times.
65. I have only been married once.
66. I love shoes, but love to be barefoot.
67. I hate baggy cloths.
68. I love to do crafts.
69. I love scrapbooking.
70. I enjoy painting!
71. I can’t wait to paint our house. Well I couldn''s all done now.
72. I only wear 3 rings. Now it's my engagement ring, my wedding ring, and mystic fire christmas present.
73. My kids will only have one grandma and one great grandma, on opposite sides.
74. I love shopping but hate paying for it!
75. I used to babysit ALL the time when I was young.
76. I will graduate from High School soon! Scratch that... I DID graduate from High school!
77. Once I am done I am going to start College classes. I will start these soon!
78. My husbands family is very spread out.
79. My dream job is to open my own specialty pet store and have my husband work with me!
80. I would love to be able to start our family VERY SOON!
81. When we painted our house.. we spent 2 full days painting 3 rooms!
82. Our living/family room in our house that we rent out is a mocha brown.
83. Our dining room is split, (two colors).
84. Our Kitchen is a yellow color.
85. I LOVE blogging!
86. We have currently been ttc for 14 months. WOAH! Scratch that.. it's now been 22 months.
87. J leaves for 2 days at the end of the week! He's back now.. thank goodness!
88. My desk is still a mess!
89. We had a kitty for a week and adopted him to a little girl.
90. His name was Hudini.
91. My favorite show is Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
92. If I could have anything in the world right now, all I would ask for is a baby.
93. I like the show.. Hogan Knows Best.
94. My biggest pet peeve is slow drivers!!
95. We love our new apartment!
96. It drives me nuts when people park in our designated parking spot.
97. I love pizza.
98. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints.
99. I was baptized on October 21, 2006.
100. I love making and mailing things to people.
101. I have two horses.
102. I have a horse named Cassie.
103. I have a horse named Lissa Lou.
104. I have a cat named Cocoa (short for chocolate).
105. We are searching for another home. (i hate apartment life).
106. I give my cat and dog, their own vaccinations.
107. My cat has been on meds everyday since we got him. (over three months)
108. My cat is a male siamese, booger.
109. Cassie, our horse, is an 18 year old arabian mare.
110. Lissa Lou, our other horse, is Cassie's daughter, and she is a 13 year old arabian mare.

add more as I think of more!


Damselfly said...

Huh, you've made additions -- I never did a 100 list; do you think it's too late?!

What kind of scale babies do you have? We have four turtles (would that be shell babies?)

Stephanie said...

Damsel, Yes I had it up on my old blog and I decided to make additions and re-post it here. Nope it's never to late to start a 100 list! Have fun with it. Our scale babies are 9 HUGE fish in a 90 gallon tank and 2 small fish in a small 2 gallon tank. Yes, your turtles would be shell babies, he he!