Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Any Voulenteers?!?

I am thinking that I like blogger the best... well not exactly the best but I think I should try it out. I don't want to pay to be able to change the background on my blog. I think it should come standard (JMO.. don't get hostile on me!) Anyways.. so I think that I am going to try this out for a while and see how it goes. So this leads into my next question..

Does anyone know where you can find a blogger template generator?

I know what I want.. where I want it and the colors that I want it but I can't find a generator that will work with blogger.

Got any ideas?


Michelle said...

I have no idea about blogger templates and such! Hopefully someone will be able to help you though!

I'm Married To A King said...

Thanks Michelle! Hopefully I find something that works soon!

chelle said...

hmmm not sure about a generator but blogger should allow for some tweaking of the colours pretty easily :)

mamichelle said...

Sorry, I have no clue. I flunked blogging 101!! lol, I can just barely post and add to the sidebar!

I remember now - from the Friday's Feast! Love your blog names!!