Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A New Friend

Sorry I haven't been around.. I've just been busy with getting ready for Vegas and trying to make babies... lol, I'm just kidding. I've just been trying to keep up with everyone else around me that I haven't had time to get on the computer.

I met a new friend yesterday! She's 20. A single mom to a gorgeous little girl named Sophia (I really meant Sonia.. this was a while back and I was getting it confused!!! I'm sorry!! LOL!) who's 8 weeks old. She lives in my town and I really like her. We seem to come from the same background so that's nice. I met her on a local mommies site and we got together for lunch and a movie yesterday, it was really great to hang out with someone who was my age and thinking about babies. Usually 20 year olds are just in the party, independent, stage so it's nice to find someone else like me.

We went to blockbuster to pick up a movie and she even let me hold her daughter. She was so cute! Then we went back to her place and watched My Super Ex-Girlfriend it was way funny! I even got to feed her daughter and play with her a bit more. We had a great time.

She lives by herself.. well just her and the baby so I hope she had a good time visiting with someone in her area. She just moved here about a month ago (as did I) so it's nice to make new friend.

I hope you're all having a great time without me and I will talk to you soon.. from LAS VEGAS BABY!!! What happens in Vegas isn't going to stay in Vegas.. he he!


Damselfly said...

Have fun in Vegas! I like your new blog look.

Stephanie said...

Dams, Thanks!!! :)

O Mama Mia said...

awwww.. that's awesome!
Hope you have a fab time in Vegas, baby!

Deb said...

Wow! Have a great time in Vegas!

kailani said...

Hey, maybe you'll win the MegaBucks! Good luck!

I bet that single mom could use a good friend like you.

An Island Life

Anonymous said...

Ummm my daughters name is Sonia, LOL Ha Ha Ha : ) Im going to tell her that not only did you call her by the wrong name but that you told others the wrong name!!! geese auntie Steph!!!! LOL